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Jardin des Draveurs

The farm

Le Jardin des Draveurs is located in Gracefield, in the heart of the Gatineau Valley, in Outaouais. This is a diversified market gardening business project led by Noé Gaudet and Félix Meunier.

The choice of an agricultural vocation was determined by our love of nature, innovation and social justice. Working with living things has always been an important aspect in our lives, and by realizing the importance of food in social organization and health, our greatest wish has become to have a positive impact on the way we feed. Noting how difficult this job can be, we are also keen to seek to improve production conditions in order to make work more efficient and responsible. Finally, we are sensitive to the many inequalities between people in our communities, which is why we want our agricultural practice to allow everyone to have access to healthy and ecological food, grown in collaboration with our environment.

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The Team

Photo de Noé Gaudet

Noé Gaudet

Noé completed a DEC in Agricultural Business Management and Technologies (GTEA) at the Victoriaville CEGEP, with an organic vegetable production profile. He was involved in various student projects whose central point was agricultural succession. Previously, Noé studied at the United World College of the Atlantic, in Wales, completing an International Baccalaureate covering, among other things, global politics, anthropology and the environment. Through his career and his commitments, he stands out as an attentive and inclusive leader. He has been passionate about agriculture since adolescence, considering that it is also a tool for social, environmental and political struggle.

Photo de Félix Meunier

Félix Meunier

Félix also followed GTEA training at the Victoriaville CEGEP, in organic fruit production, between 2021 and 2022. He subsequently worked as an agricultural technician for the development of the CREDETAO Platform for the Gatineau Valley, a fruit orchard that incubates agricultural businesses. He was also mandated to develop collective marketing by the Opération diversification agricole (ODA) Haute-Gatineau. Previously, he studied adventure tourism and leadership at Cégep de Gaspé then worked in this field for 5 years. He has become a guide and a teacher capable of supervising groups in complex projects where risk management is required. He is used to completing projects that he has built himself. He wants to embark on an agricultural project that would be more in line with his values.